Sunday, July 25, 2004

George W. Hoover

On the left, a Hooverville; the right, a homeless man

Though this is somewhat old news, it will always be pertinent, and I think is a good indication of what GWB is really all about.

From CNN:
"PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- President Bush declined an invitation to speak at the NAACP's annual convention, the group said. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People expects more than 8,000 people to attend the convention, which opens on Saturday. Democratic challenger John Kerry accepted an invitation to speak next Thursday on the final day of the convention, the NAACP said. Bush spoke at the 2000 NAACP convention in Baltimore when he was running for president. NAACP spokesman John White said Wednesday that Bush has declined invitations in each year of his presidency -- becoming the first president since Herbert Hoover not to attend an NAACP convention. The NAACP received a letter from the White House three weeks ago declining the invitation because of scheduling conflicts and thanking them for understanding. The letter was signed by presidential scheduler Melissa Bennett. White House spokesman Jim Morrell said Wednesday that the president has spoken about "equal opportunity and equal rights for all Americans" in many public places."

If this is anything like 2000, then Bush doesn't need the black vote. All he needs is the Dixie South, where house slaves have it so good these days, and maybe a couple swing states. What if those swing states have a large percentage of blacks? I don't know, let's ask Florida. Still, whether he works for the black community or not (most likely not), it's still a pretty big slap on the face to spend four years saying "maybe next year". I liked the little allusion to Herbert Hoover... I can't think of a better president to compare him to. While the economy was coming crashing down, Hoover "stayed the course" (sound familiar?) and as a result, was ousted from office. Hoovervilles, or slums bitterly named after the inept preznit, were all over the place. Hrmph. He must have inherited all that bad economy from a big spending Democratic administration. The major difference between Hoover and Bush? Bush has much better P.R. and photo ops. Maybe Kerry will be our FDR.