Saturday, July 10, 2004

My First Rant

I recently got into a pretty intense argument with a guy who claims to have just returned from Iraq. He criticized me for my refusal to support the war and my decision to choose jail over the draft. He seems to think that it's a matter of "fighting for freedom".

I really feel sorry for him. If you think Iraq is about anyone's "freedom", you're sadly mistaken. I'll venture to say the people of Iraq preferred the small bit of freedom they had before above the... oh, let's say, death and destruction they experience now.

Bush's first reason was "they have weapons of mass destruction". Well, we know that's a lie now, so what else? "Saddam is a ruthless dictator". Okay, he's in jail now, can we go home? "We need to rebuild the country." REBUILD IT? YOU'RE THE BRAINDEAD CHIMP THAT TORE IT DOWN.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the top, which would most likely be 9/11. Every single terrorist was either harbored, funded, or trained by and on Saudi Arabian soil. Clearly, the government of Saudi Arabia and the Saudis involved should be held to accountability, right? Wrong. They're all longtime business pals of Bush and the gang, so we had to find a scapegoat.

Look! There's Iraq! Tons of oil and we can pretend to be tough on terrorism by bringing down a whole country! It was an obvious choice. And, with the stupidity of the general American public, which dictates that an Arab is an Arab is an Arab, the invasion began. Backed by the Republican-owned media, the idea that it was a war for freedom and all that is right began to permeate the minds of otherwise intelligent people.

So now you have a huge bias against people such as myself, who read between the lines and realize that this war is a political ploy. I'm the one who will get persecuted for choosing jail over the draft.

Forgive me for not wanting to take a bullet whilst defending an OIL FIELD. This isnt the feudal Middle Ages, this is 21st century America, and I won't pledge allegiance to millionaires and turn them into billionaires.

But Miles! You don't have to go to Iraq if you don't want to! Well, that's a nice thought, and for now, you're right. I'm 17, and won't be 18 for another 9 months. Unfortunately, the administration is unwilling to fulfill their promises to the soldiers such as "You can go home in April" and "help is on the way". They're calling up the National Guard, which is a sure sign that a draft will soon follow. I'm willing to bet before I hit 19, I'll be told to fight in this war. When that time comes, I'll be more than happy to hold out my hands and say "cuff me".

I refuse to take orders from a man who dodged the draft and demands wars he won't fight in. I refuse to kill men who are trying to defend their families. I refuse to die for oil. I refuse to be a casualty of politics.

But hey, it's not all that bad. I could join the Texas Air National Guard, skip duty, do coke, get some DWI's, force my girlfriend to have an illegal abortion, and win the presidency 30 years later on the basis of "morals".

What the hell happened to my country?