Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Nader is an egomaniac

Florida (27 electorate votes): Kerry 48%, Bush 49%, Nader 1%
Arkansas (6 electorate votes): Kerry 45%, Bush 47%, Nader 2%
Maine (4 electorate votes): Kerry 46%, Bush 45%, Nader 5%
Ohio (20 electorate votes): Kerry 47%, Bush 48%, Nader 1%
Minnesota (10 electorate votes): Kerry 47%, Bush 47%, Nader 2%

I could go on and on with about 10 more states, but I'd have a massive aneurysm. Nader does not take votes away from Republicans. The truth is, the Democrats do have their shortcomings. They've bowed to the wishes of Republicans too much, and though they're developing a backbone these days, I can understand why some people would want to go with a candidate who's less likely to accept corporate donations and be subject to corruption. On the other hand, it's undeniable that a massive political turnaround involving Nader, or any third party, becoming a major contender in the next four months is pretty damn slim. You'd be a fool to say that Nader isn't taking away from the Democratic party. Watching his debate with Howard Dean, I realized just how much of an egomaniac this guy is. Intelligent people should be banding together against a common enemy, the Bush administration; not fighting amongst themselves for votes. There is a time and a place for voting third party, and most likely it will be 2008. Until then, let's try and focus, okay?

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