Friday, July 16, 2004

You can't handle the truth!

John Kerry, top left, first picture; Anti-war in Iraq protester, 2002, second picture

Diane Sawyer: First of all, I just want to ask about reading. Mr. President, you know that there was a great deal of reporting about the fact that you said, first of all, that you let Condoleezza Rice and Andrew Card give you a flavor of what's in the news.
Bush: Yes.
Sawyer: That you don't read the stories yourself.
Bush: Yes. I get my news from people who don't editorialize. They give me the actual news, and it makes it easier to digest, on a daily basis, the facts.
Sawyer: Is it just harder to read constant criticism or to read —
Bush: Why even put up with it when you can get the facts elsewhere? I'm a lucky man. I've got, it's not just Condi and Andy, it's all kinds of people in my administration who are charged with different responsibilities, and they come in and say this is what's happening, this isn't what's happening.

John F. Kennedy read several newspapers every morning. In addition to the usual daily briefing, he sought out the news on his own. He even learned how to speed read, reportedly tearing through the NY Times in about 20 minutes. With his bad back, he'd spend his morning standing, hunched over his desk, reading the news. How did we go from this kind of dedication to a man who refuses to acknowledge the world around him?

Can some of you older folks tell me if you've ever seen a president who has seemed any more detached from such pressing situations? I remember watching Bush's State of the Union address several months ago, while our boys were dying by the dozens in Iraq. One of his major issues: the use of steroids in professional baseball.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a purist when it comes to America's favorite pastime. But when I see GWB's beady eyes searching around the room when he's in a tough spot, I wonder how the hell did this guy get the job?

Bush is exhibiting more signs of his fear of reality. Anyone showing any amount of dissent at his rallies are carted off in cuffs. It's been all over the news, but for those who aren't aware, two people attending a Bush rally were caught wearing anti-Bush shirts. They had tickets, and, therefore, a right to be there. Bush's babysitters took notice and had them arrested. When the two dissenters had their day in court, the judge threw it out, basically telling Bush to get over himself.

On November 2nd, you will have two main choices: a man who exercised his First Amendment rights and was arrested for it, and a man who has people arrested for exercising their First Amendment rights.