Wednesday, August 25, 2004

527 degrees of separation

Democratic mentor Kevin Bacon shows off for the camera

A little background
527's, by definition, are not related to any candidate. That's the reason they're allowed to exist, so as not to break campaign finance laws. In fact, the term "527" is named after the section of the Internal Revenue Code which allows for it's existence. As long as money is sent to 527's and not candidates, the candidate does not have ties to the group, and a specific candidate is not endorsed by these 527 groups, it's all legitimate. The most well-known 527 groups right now are (funded largely by George Souros) and "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" (led by John O'Neill.

In reference to the reaction of Democrats to the "Swift Boat" ads, a Republican said that it was "Kevin Bacon politics, six degrees of separation", meaning that the Democrats are really reaching to link the administration with the 527's.

I'm sure that by using the "six degrees of separation" rule, we could indeed find links between George W. Bush and the Swift Boat Vets in the ads. Jon Stewart from the Daily Show tried his hand at it. I'll paraphrase.

Let's see... we start with George W. Bush...

...whose campaign advisory committee member Ken Cordier...

..was in the ad. Oh, I got it in one!

Not only is Bush in violation of the Internal Revenue Code, he's also a hypocrite for criticizing for attacking him.

I tried doing the "six degrees of separation" thing for Saddam and Al Qaeda... not quite as easy.
-Jon Stewart