Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I pledge allegiance to Dick Cheney

The reason I haven't been blogging lately

Vote for Bush! No, seriously... you signed an endorsement, vote for him

From the official George W. Bush re-election site (don't expect a link) :
Arizona is very excited about President Bush's visit this Wednesday. All weekend, thousands of people have visited the Arizona Bush/Cheney '04 headquarters to pick up tickets for the President's rally on Wednesday at Veterans' Memorial Coliseum. Many people have volunteered to help the President's re-election effort this weekend, including these volunteers making calls on behalf of the President. One of the most enthusiastic volunteers was this little 3 year old who says she "loves President Bush." We all can't wait for the opportunity to show the President our support on Wednesday!
- Bill Gates, Arizona eCampaign Chairman

At a New Mexico rally, in order to enter to see Dick Cheney speak, citizens were ordered to sign an endorsement oath:
I ... herby (sic) endorse George W. Bush for reelection of the United States.

Depite the fact that the oath looks like it was penned by a chimpanzee (it probably was), I see something fundamentally wrong here. The Kerry campaign is a 'whosever will' campaign. It's a true grassroots effort. His bus rolls into all kinds of places, and he speaks for all kinds of people. This goes back to Bush's penchant... no, necessity, for elaborate photo-ops. Without his PR, Bush will be exposed as what he is - a clueless tyrant. So with the endorsement papers, along with all his rallies being ticketed events, what you see on CNN is a show of PR magic. Everyone on television loves Bush, why don't you?! You can't buy that kind of publicity... you can only create it.